Challenges we ran into

During the night there were multiple challenges that we ran into. During the night the lack of sleep caused many of us to be very tired. This caused a lack of communication which not only led to a decrease in productivity but also a decrease in quality of work. We also ran into the challenge of computer vision. We wanted to use computer vision in our cap that helped people that were visually impaired. We spent a significant amount of time trying to get it set up and we eventually got a raspberry pi 3 set up but the logistics and coding behind it were too complicated so we ended up ditching the idea. Accomplishments: Only one of our members we very good with arduino. The other members were forced to learn arduino in a short amount of time and we are all proud of that. We learned that there are many ways to reach a goal. With the Pluto View cap there were many ways we could have reached our goal ranging from ultrasonic sensors to computervision In the future we hope to continue both of our creations. With the robotic arm we were limited with technology so we couldn't not make an arm that moved in all directions but with more technology at our disposal. Same goes with the cap. The cap was great but with more technology and time it can become much better.

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