Coming to Plutohacks, we noticed that many people joining this hackathon have little to no experience in coding. Even though there are no barriers to participation there are barriers for many first-time hackers to contribute code. From this, our idea started with a question: how can we provide a solution to immediately bridge the language of code to people who haven’t mastered it? Pluto Web, a web application that simplifies code, is the answer to our question.

What it does

Pluto Web is a web-based application that simplifies code-writing by generating code from a simple process. The process involves guiding the user through (1) inputting a value, (2) selecting a component, and (3) creating the component.

First, the user will input possible values they want in the input field. It can be a text, a link, or an image input. Second, the user will choose from the selection of components we included in the application. Finally, when the user selects the desired component the application will generate the code and the preview of the component that the user can copy and use for their needs.

How we built it

For our front-end, we used HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and plutolib, a npm library that our team created for this project.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Two of the accomplishments we’re proud of are creating our own npm library and deploying the website online.

What we learned

During this project, we learned how to optimize our work though effective collaboration. We streamlined our work by assigning tasks between members. In terms of tech, our developers learned how to publish their first npm library. In addition, our designer learned how to make a web design mockup in Figma.

What's next for Pluto Web?

At first, we scoped our solution locally in the context of this hackathon and its participants. Eventually, we realized that it's possible to scope it globally by making the code open source. In this way, other people can add to the code: making new components, making new features, and even simplifying code beyond HTML. If a community develops Pluto Web further, it would be a powerful resource not just for our initial target audience but for every prospective hacker with the potential to break into the tech industry—hackers who need a little nudge.

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