When I was taking my A level exams at secondary school I realised I was having an issue organising my time. This problem accelerated when I reached university and found that I had to both organise sets of notes and attend myriad engagements. This inspired me to write PlusNotes to deal with my issues and to help others get more done with their time.

What it does

PlusNotes provides a portal to organise your notes, events and team plans all in one place.

How I built it

The Office Fabric core css library is used for styling the app in order to make it fit into the design language of other Microsoft Office orientated applications. I used angularJS as a framework to perform AJAX requests to the Microsoft graph API, thus the application runs almost entirely on the client side other than processing performed by the graph API. I also used a framework called PIXI.js to draw and manipulate an html5 canvas that allowed editing of OneNote pages.

Challenges I ran into

Learning how to use OAuth with the Microsoft Graph API as this was my first time ever using it. However, it soon proved to be easy to utilise and very helpful.

I found an issue with the Microsoft Graph API when trying to add a new page in OneNote, details of which can be found here (under my pseudonym StackOverFlow account): link

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use OAuth for the first time, and also building a fully featured SPA using angularJS as a framework.

What I learned

I learned how to use a number of different frameworks, along with how to structure an SPA in angularJS and how to use OAuth with the Microsoft Cloud.

What's next for PlusNotes

Integration with other cloud storage services, an admin panel, organisation accounts, meetings, and fixing lots of bugs.

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