Plushkies are plush toys shaped like countries, and teach kids about the diverse cultures of the world! We believe that children who are curious about other countries benefit from a broadened perspective, and an appreciation of global diversity. We also believe that the world benefits from and needs those children. Our collection of high-end, artistic plush characters strives to awaken this curiosity in children, with the understanding that curiosity breeds awareness, tolerance, appreciation and enjoyment.

With this app, kids can learn more about the Plushkies' home countries with interactive flashcards, and talk with the characters in Augmented Reality! Vuforia 4.0 has a new feature to scan objects to be used as AR targets. This will allow the plush toy characters to become the interactive targets. The app currently works with an image target, allowing children to interact with their favorite characters. The interactive flash cards include information about the different countries of the world, including favorite foods & sports!

Other mini-games included: Memory match - Tap on cards to flip them over and match the characters. Plushkies Jigsaw Puzzle - Images of the Plushkies are cut into puzzle pieces and mixed up. Drag and drop the puzzle pieces into the silhouette to complete the image.

Plushkies was founded from a desire to inspire global curiosity in children around the world. Our travels taught us that a broader perspective on the world means a more tolerant, more appreciated, more wonderful place to live together. Plushkies is our way of sharing that inspiration with you.

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