Make customers to save for even more money easily! I named as '+@'. I want to make a better solution for saving money.

What it does

Once a day, PlusAlpha runs system to take 5% amount of every transaction of our customers. This extra charged money is saved into their special saving account. It makes you save money while you use your credit card. Wait! This is not done. PlusAlpha has a special system. For using those saved money, you can give loan to the other customers. Like a bank, customers can get 25% loan interest when they give loan by using PlusAlpha. This is not only help customers, Banks also get more money from customers since they are all your customers and make them to save more money into their account. It would increase the number of customers as well.

How we built it

By using Capital One API, I retrieve information of customers who have credit cards and their daily transaction.

Challenges we ran into

Time management

What we learned

Capital One API, Getting experience of using Flask

Built With

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