We wanted to encourage communication between couples without the potential embarrassment of crossed wires. Will/want/won't lists are great, but when more than one person is involved, comparing them can be difficult. An issue we saw with different sex communication websites was their lack of customization, inclusion, diversity, and input choices, as well as general bad design.

What it does

The user inputs their name and email, as well as their partner's name and email. Once the user finishes the survey, the app sends the partner an email asking them to take the survey. After both partners have completed the survey, both participants are emailed to announce its completion and invite them to view the results. From there, the two can see what acts ranked positively (or perhaps even ambivalently) for both people. Nothing that anyone ranked poorly or negatively will show up on the results page.

How we built it

Using Ruby on Rails, we did enough keyboard pounding that it did something reasonable.

Challenges we ran into

Math. Simple. Freaking. Math. We spent way to long on equations that boiled down to "x <= 1 ? x : (5*x) - 4". (Shout out to Quint, the math expert.)

We also struggled to get the domain to work.

We spent a huge amount of time trying to puzzle out nested forms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually finishing it! And not forgetting to feed the cat.

What we learned

Bethany like sleep more than Kalyn does apparently. Nested forms are trash but useful. View helpers are a blessing.

What's next for Plus Communication

We plan to implement more features like a dictionary database of sex jargon, a database of resources, and a time-customizable "retake the survey" (so every six months, every month, etc. depending on what the participants would like). We would also like to refactor the survey so that more than two people can take the same survey and share results.

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