We decided to build off of what Peter began. We wanted to create something interesting and go through an educational experience while having fun. Coming into HackGSU, we didn't know what to expect and came up with many different ideas, ultimately leading to an Arduino based simple security alarm. Using your phone, through the app, the user is able to turn on or off an outlet remotely using Bluetooth. An option for the app is to set up a burglary alarm. It senses movement to set off an alarming noise and bright red lights to both stun the perpetrator and warn those nearby that there is an unauthorized figure inside the building. We used two Arduino 101s and a android phone and the MIT make a app site to make our application. We ran into trouble establishing a bluetooth connection between the phone (app) and the Arduino. Furthermore, we had no power supply to power the LED light strip, so we took a regular USB A-to-mini-B cable and cut it open in order to access the raw wiring. We then connected to the light strip by twisting the wires and keeping them together with masking tape. The issue was that the Arduino could only do one thing at a time. It could not drive both LEDs and our plug and alarm system simultaneously. The solution was to add another Arduino to drive the LEDs and listen for an interrupt when the alarm went off. The entire project is what we are proud of for this Hackathon. We learned how to use Arduinos and how to connect applications to them to control them. We are unsure what to do for the near future, but we do know that we will work together at HackGSU spring.


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