Introducing the Plug & Play BOT, a ready-to-use UiPath workflow that can be integrated easily with any project across different customers that too without any modification.

Need of reusable components across multiple projects/customers inspired me to create the Plug 'N' Play BOT to Read Email By Subject using UiPath.

What it does?

Read email and download attachments is one of the most common functionality that we come across in almost every RPA implementation.

BOT reads only those emails from Outlook Inbox whose subject matches with the search criteria mentioned in config file. Email with a specific subject is set as a trigger point to start the process execution.

BOT reads one email at a time and mark the status as read. It does not change the status of the other emails present in Outlook Inbox. If email has one or more attachment, it creates the folder Data\Input inside project repository and save the attachment(s) in it

How I built it?

It is built on the concept of Robotic Enterprise Framework (ReFramework). It can be easily integrated with non-ReFramework projects as well.

BOT is configured to read the emails by subject by adding the search criteria as a filter in Get Outlook Mail Messages activity. It reads the subject (search value) from Data\Config.xlsx.

Successfully tested the execution for different customers. It works very well without any change in code. It can be run standalone or can be integrated with any project.

What's Next?

Publish it under the centralized umbrella called as BOT Factory or Market Place which can be easily downloaded by the RPA professionals having access to it.

How to use Read Email By Subject Plug & Play workflow?

Filename: Read Email.xaml

(A) Pre-requisite:

  1. Download the complete project repository

(B) Update Config.xlsx:

  1. Optional: Update the value (e.g. against the Mail Account in “Data\Config.xlsx”. This field is useful if there are more than one email account configured in Outlook. If it is left blank, BOT will monitor primary mailbox by default.
  2. Optional: Update the value (e.g. ‘Inbox’ or ‘Inbox\UiPath’) against the Mail Folder in “Data\Config.xlsx”. If it is left blank, emails will be read from the Inbox folder by default.
  3. Enter the search criteria (text) for email subject. BOT is configured to read the email by searching the keyword in subject of the email.

(C) Invoke: Integration with existing project

  1. Use Invoke Workflow activity in your project sequence/workflow
  2. Click import arguments
    2.1. Optional: Pass Config (Data Dictionary) variable to the input argument in_Config, if you are using ReFramework

(D) Run: Standalone execution

  1. To Run standalone: Open “Read Email.xaml” -> hit run

Project repository details:

  1. /Framework/InitAllSettings.xaml
  2. Read Email.xaml
  3. /Data/Config.xlsx
  4. project.json

Built With

  • email-automation
  • outlook
  • reframework
  • roboticenterpriseframework
  • roboticprocessautomation
  • rpa
  • uipath
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