Introducing the Plug & Play BOT, a ready-to-use UiPath workflow that can be integrated easily with any project across different customers that too without any modification.

Need of reusable components across multiple projects/customers inspired me to create the Plug 'N' Play BOT for Excel Drag Drop Formula.

What it does?

Updating formula is one of the common functionality that we come across in almost every RPA implementation for Excel Automation and every time the developers need to re-create the workflow to do this activity.

It fills the formula across all the rows of a column in an excel workbook using the keyboard shortcuts for drag & drop formula in a cell range.

How I built it?

Created it using the excel activities of UiPath and keyboard shortcuts to drag and drop the formula across the selected range.

Configured the BOT to read workbook name, sheet name and column name from the input argument type. BOT will throw an exception in case any error encountered at run-time. It can be run standalone or can be integrated with any project.

Successfully tested the execution for different customers. It works very well without any change in code.

What's Next?

Publish it under the centralized umbrella called as BOT Factory which can be easily downloaded by the RPA professionals having access to it.

How to use Excel Drag & Drop Formula workflow?

Filename: Excel Drag & Drop Formula.xaml

(A) Pre-requisite:

  1. Download the complete project repository

(B) Invoke: Integration with existing project

  1. Use Invoke Workflow activity in your project sequence/workflow
  2. Click import arguments
    2.1. Pass the excel workbook file name with full path (string data type) as a value to the input argument in_strFilename
    2.2. Pass the sheet name of the excel workbook (string data type) as a value to the input argument in_strSheetName
    2.3. Pass the column name (e.g. “A” or “A2”) (string data type) as a value to the input argument in_strColName

Note: Invoke the workflow for each column where you need to update the formula.

(C) Run: Standalone execution

  1. To Run standalone: Open “Excel Drag & Drop Formula.xaml” -> hit run
  2. BOT will prompt the user to browse & select the excel workbook -> click OK
  3. BOT will prompt the user to enter the sheet/tab name of the excel workbook-> click OK
  4. BOT will prompt the user to enter the column name (e.g. A or A2) -> click OK

(D) Verify Results:
1. Excel formula is filled/updated in all the rows of the excel workbook

Project repository details:

  1. /Data/Input/Sample.xlsx
  2. Excel Drag & Drop Formula.xaml
  3. Main.xaml
  4. project.json

Built With

  • uipath
  • rpa
  • roboticprocessautomation
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