Basic Concept

  • We want to create a 3D interface for visualizing twitter traffic
  • We want to visualize

Supported Features

  • Browse hash tags
  • Visualize frequency of tags
  • Show real time updates
  • Show images, video related to trending topics on Twitter
  • Multiple people interacting at the same time

Usage Scenarios

The Fashionista

  • Looking for the latest in fashion trends in the Bay Area - search for a particular product or fashion item like "new jordans" or "jimmy choo"
  • display tweets which contain search term on map, simultaneously do photo search on the photo display
  • select a tweet to see hashtags contained in that tweet, which are presented on the "hash tag display"
  • drag any hash tag onto the map to see geo-located tweets which mention that hashtag
  • see whats trending on google for "fashion"
  • pull tags from photos to search tweets
  • display tweets on the map where fashion items are mentioned

The Traveler

I'm traveling through the bay area and I am completely unfamiliar with the area. I download the app and use the app and bring up the augmented map and see the trending twitter hash tags as they happen, I notice that around the corner from me the word #livehousemusic trending I drag that hash tag into one of the 3 interfaces windows which brings up images as well as full tweets with that hash tag. From threre I can drag the images i like and transfer them to the pin board interface. I build a interactive montage of things that I might do.

Interaction Techniques

  • Pushing button for changing current pasteboard (0-4) If currently looking at
  • Dragging and dropping entities from other boards (1 is tweets, other is pictures, third is hashtags/entities). Needs to be an entity class which generates text or picture from the asset that is streamed via WWW.
  • Every time pasteboard item is interacted with, it triggers API call. Drop triggers add, pickup triggers remove. Move therefore doesn't need to exist.
  • Scrolling map takes place while view collides with map (using centerpoint of viewport, cast a ray and determine which plane is intersected)
  • Scrolling tweets takes place while moving joystick and tweet panel highlighted. Again, key idea is which board is currently being "selected" by looking at it.
  • Items adhere to 3D cursor when they are selected (using X-y coordinate on plane to select). Can use jump, but an easing would be desired.

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