Travelling is an incredibly vital part of life. The transportation industry has come a long way in the last 100 years. With new innovations and technologies, it's never been easier to travel in style. The impact of weather events on transportation operations and the impact of climate change on transportation infrastructure will be significant, as weather extremes change in both frequency and intensity. Weather-related operational information will be critical to minimize delivery delays and improve transportation safety, reliability and efficiency.

What it does

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to reach your destination but the weather is not cooperating? If so, then it's time to try our latest product. It provides the easiest roadmap from source to destination according to weather anywhere around the globe. Guides you to choose the best destination by best transportation medium. Reach your destination faster than usual at a cheaper cost. Easy to use for all age groups. Attention: Get the best destination by using the best transportation medium Interest: Save time with a cheaper cost on your destination Desire: Find your destination faster than usual Action: Try out this app for free

How we built it

1)Frontend of the Website is completely based on HTML and CSS. On the website, there is a navbar containing a logo and a home-type button named Ployify. The main background of the webpage is colorful and has less eye hurting color gradient. The main heart of the website contains 2 sections. The first or the left part contains a form containing the input fields for the user to input the Source and Destination. The second or the right part contains the world map in black color. Thus, with this, the frontend part of our website completes. 2)To refine the weather code: We have used OpenWeatherMap for python to fetch weather details such as current temp, min, and max and feels like temp, as well as cloudiness % along with wind speed. The next step was to make a rest API to publish the weather details using flask (python). now our website/interface can fetch the weather details using the API that has been made. 3)How does Weather API work: First, we have to collect input Location by user for that we need +apiKey. We have successfully generated our apiKey= (""+location+"&appid=") Then we need to Request API to return data to Convert into JSON format and we can Filter data and produce output to the user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we were successful in completing the project from the scratch!

What we learned

Using of API's in python !

What's next for Ployify

1)Integrating the CLI project to the Frontend. 2)Adding mapping according to the weather predicted. 3{Adding options so that users can filter out their suitable mode of transport. 4{Making the UI in the Frontend much more user-friendly. 5)Speech recognition using python 6)In the future, we have decided to add 3 more fields namely, Name, City, and a checkbox for the mode of transport the user can avail. This will help the user customize as well as get the best suggestions for his/her travel without any disturbance from the weather.

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