Our project is an app partnered with hardware in order to monitore plants and determine on when to water them based on the equation which takes in the soil moisture and the UV index. We also have a promotional website. The hardware used for the project is a ESP8266 (the board), an ultrasonic sensor, a soil moisture sensor, an UV sensor and a servo motor. Arduino is used for programming and compiling the code and then upload it to the board.

Process: The sensor measures the moisture of the soil of a plant and the UV index then defines how much water is needed. This parameter varies as there are different types of plants that should be mentioned in the settings of the app. Then, based on the data, the servo motor will release the needed amount of water. The level of the water in the container will be monitored by the ultrasonic sensor. When the countainer is almost empty, the app sends a notification to the user to refill it with water.

Website: We did the website that uses HTML, Java Script and CSS, and we also utalised the libraries of animate.css and WOW. We used photoshop for logo creation and images of google images. and wow

App: QR Code provided in resources

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