Plogging means picking up litter while jogging. It may sound weird, but since you're jogging anyway, why not get rid of some trash and make the city a tiny bit nicer? And you'll be doing some stretching and squats in addition to the cardio!

What it does

Based on historical data Plogo Vadis tries to predict the cleanliness of the streets around you and it'll generate a route of your desired length along the dirtier parts of your area.

How we built it

Three-pronged approach:

  • Create a model from the provided data to predict the cleanliness of a given street on a certain point
  • Website/Web-App where users can enter from where and how far they want to "plog"
  • Backend which queries the predictions and figures out a route that's not too clean but also not too dirty - the ratio of jogging to picking up litter should still be enjoyable.

Challenges we ran into

  • Diving into OpenStreetMap and GIS data
  • Extracting and processing location data from Twitter posts to estimate pollution, using natural language processing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had tons of creative ideas and managed to get prototypes working before the deadline.

What we learned

Finding an interesting, doable project idea that the team is excited about is hard!

What's next for Plogo Vadis?

Clean cities!

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