Plink into the goal... with Channel Points!

Bounce into the stream and see if you can land in the center goal to win! Plinko Bounce lets viewers drop a character marble and try to bounce into the center goal and we created a channel point activated version for this hackathon to allow viewers to join in each round as a loyal viewer reward, which can be useful since streamers sometimes use the game to do live giveaways and pick winners.

Plinko Bounce

Plinko Bounce is a fun and minimally-intrusive stream overlay game played during even the most active segments of a live stream, and viewers are dropped from the top of the screen and bounce and collide with pegs and with each other on the way to the bottom of the screen with the goal of landing into the center area marked with a star. It features many different game themes to choose from only requires a simple one-time browser source link created through our website to set up and any streamer can use the PixelPlush link generator and log in using their Twitch account to get an overlay URL with the selected options and then add it to their broadcast software as a browser source. Players can also purchase Plush Coins on our website to use on character skins and pets to use in this game and other PixelPlush games.

The channel points redemption is automatically created in the channel for the broadcaster when the overlay is shown and the broadcaster or channel moderators can use the chat command !deleteplinko to clear the created redemption or !resetplinko to delete and re-create the redemption in case of errors. After the redemption has been created, the broadcaster is also able to use the Manage Rewards menu in Twitch at any time to change the cost and cooldown of the redemption or to customize it with an icon.

Plinko Bounce in Action


We are a team of two on PixelPlush, Maaya and Instafluff, who loves streaming and making Twitch-integrated games and overlays that broadcasters can use to make their streams more engaging and interactive! We learned a lot over the past year about what works and doesn't work for streamers through our projects and feedback, and now hundreds of channels are playing our games every month. The channel points API opened up many more possibilities for our games to not only play them via chat but to be rewarded for sticking around and watching.


This project was built as a web page in HTML and JavaScript with Twitch Channel Points integration using ComfyJS, a popular JavaScript Twitch library we built and maintain, and our own HTML5 game engine, PinkFluffyUnicorn.


We didn't run into any particularly big technical challenges during this hackathon because when the Twitch channel points system was released, we loved the idea and had already invested a lot of time over a year ago figuring out how to work with it and then added support for it into our open-source ComfyJS library so others could code for it as well, and even made a tutorial video:

What's next for Plinko Bounce and PixelPlush

Plinko Bounce with Channel Points was a great way for us to be able to turn a PixelPlush game into a loyal viewership and engagement reward. We would like to keep building more projects like this and make Twitch much more fun and interactive for streamers and viewers. Winning this hackathon would allow us to dedicate more of our time to building PixelPlush as our independent game studio, continuing to grow our portfolio of games and marketing to reach more broadcasters and viewers with these games.

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