Wanted to provide people a lingo reference app to access translations of basic phrases and questions of different languages. By putting it on the pebble and keeping it offline, we are able to build a light-weight product that is reliable and quick and easy to use.

What It Does

Allows translated phrases for multiple situations including: shopping, directions, general, help, etc. Currently, the supported translations include: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French.

How We Built it

We used JavaScript while working off of CloudPebble. CloudPebble is a browser-based SDK to code Pebble apps on the cloud. Despite wanting to use the actual SDK, it is unfortunately not supported on Windows.

Challenges we ran into

Fixing interface layout, fixing horizontal scrolling (the text would just cut off with a “…” and would not scroll horizontally to reveal more).

What we learned

Pebble apps are surprisingly easy to make. Pebble has JavaScript support. Tried learning some C at first.

What’s Next

Include more languages, allow for non-Latin alphabet, and integrate audio output for users to listen to the translation of language.

Built With

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