Buying Bitcoin from fiat currency without giving all powers to centralized exchanges and custodial wallets. Closed source swaps locked the accounts, requires way much personal information (KYC), and charge higher transaction fees to get the cut from it.

What it does

Exchange fiat currency from bank account to BTC.

How we built it

Tried to keep the interface as simple as possible and place all components in a single page, so users just have everything in front of their eyes.

Use of modern technologies and a solo JavaScript programming language for both backend and frontend for the ease of developers to take ahead the expansion of Plet.

Challenges we ran into

Building things around Bitcoin is comparatively challenging than Ethereum, Polygon etc. due to less tools and features available, finding perfect tool to build and scale the software is one of the challenging task, the project is in early stage and there maybe bigger challenges and hopefully the open source community will happily come forward and shape the future of it.

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