Seeing the Complex users onboarding method while new users coming to crypto or for existing users to use DeFi is such a hassle. Plena Finance Saw this problems and came up with a solution to provide better users experience and interface to its users.

What it does

Plena Finance solves some of the major problems in the web3 industry like Inability to pay transaction fee in non-native blockchain tokens, multiple transactions to perform simple actions like swapping, lending, etc. Using Plena Finance users can pay the transaction fee using any token they have and also do everything in just a single tap of a button without doing multiple transactions, this not only saves users time but they also pay upto 30% less on every transaction.

How we built it

We started back in start of 2021 brainstormed the idea and gather some grants and capital and then started building the application as the market went down. we saw the self custodial problems already with the exchanges and thought to make the best self custodial wallet and it's been more than 1.5 years doing that and it's going really great as of now

Challenges we ran into

Building Community and providing them with the exact solutions to their problem while maintaining an order where users are satisfied with their daily crypto needs and don't need to stop to learn anything about crypto

Accomplishments that we're proud of

πŸ‘‡Here are just a few highlights of our growth journey:

βœ…3,000,000+ Transactions in just 10 days βœ…120,000+ Active Users βœ…$75,000,000+ Funds deposited βœ…Top 10 apps with the highest transactions on polygon scan βœ…#1 trending wallet on Dapp Radar

What we learned

Constant building and good support make the product far more better and interesting for it's users and finally turn your project into an ecosystem

What's next for PLENA FINANCE

Plena Pay, Launchpad, Plena Membership NFTs ,NFT marketplace, Investing Suggestions etc

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