Pledge Silence is a project that commemorates dying languages on International Mother Tongues Day.

Just as skylines around the world go dark on Earth Day for some hours out of respect for the Earth, we too will take pledges of silence for chosen number of hours in honour of dying languages. This is a simple website with the potential for global social impact. Irish is dying in Ireland, Tibetan in Tibet.

In the past few decades, endangered languages have become a priority for linguists. Every week, languages are dying. In 100 years, more than half of our current languages will be gone. When a language dies, a human tradition of thousands of years is extinguished with no one to inherit it.

Initiatives like the Google Endangered Languages Project, which has endorsed our project, aim to document these endangered languages. But what is sorely needed is awareness. Pledge Silence would be received with gusto in Ireland, Tibet, Australia, and indigenous communities in America.

The very reason for this mass extinction is the exponential globalization brought on by the Internet. It's time the Internet take a stand.

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