Sakib, one of our team members, was sponsoring a kid in Uganda. However, the organization wasn't providing enough information about where and how Sakib's money was spent. After few months, Sakib cancelled his subscription due to a lack of communication and transparency in the system. He had no idea who was the kid, and if he / she was doing well.

What it does

Pledgee is an app that:
1) Uses AI to allow sponsors to make data-driven decisions when donating to a child's education. Each pricing tier (subscription range) affects the kid differently.
2) Notifies sponsors of any event (such as academia, extra-curricular activities...) that shows progress from the child.
3) Allows sponsors to decide where their donations go (e.g. buying a new pencil case)

How I built it

We created a web app using react and created API endpoints using node.js and hosted the database unto Microsoft Azure.

Challenges I ran into

We spent 6 hours brainstorming over different problems and solutions before ultimately pivoting towards the current product.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Full working prototype on Adobe XD.
3D rendered mockup.
Fully working API integration.
Full-stack development

What I learned

Work with an inter-disciplinary team.
Learn how to use Adobe XD.
Design thinking approach.
Team bonding is essential.
Infrastructure / diagrams / mindmaps help visualize.

What's next for Pledgee

Integrating AI for learning.
Integrating standard APIs around the world for every country with sponsors.
Collaborating with larger organizations, and possible directly with schools.
BETA version out in the next 6 months.
Security and authentification.


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