We were inspired by the RoundUp feature in Wealthsimple app, which allows you to save/invest spare change after rounding up every transaction. We were also inspired by Air-Miles, with its point-rewards system. In an age where convenience and automation are everything, helping other people should be easy and not have a barrier of entry. Hence, our app is an amalgam of these two features.

What it does

This app allows users to automatically pledge “spare change” to their NGO of choice on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and earn points to gain rewards with our partners. The amount of money they want to pledge can be chosen by the user and based on their preference, the amount of money from their bank is rounded down to the nearest dollar/five dollars/ten dollars, etc. They can also choose to round up their daily transactions, whereby the extra cash is donated.

How I built it

Low-fidelity wireframing by hand to be able to make changes and address concerns easily; mockups and working prototype in Sketch for full-fidelity

Challenges I ran into

Prioritization of tasks over an extremely short time-period. Initially, we wanted to build a fully functioning app but realized that would be impossible. Hence, we decided to prioritize building a snappy user interface to really illustrate how EASY it would to use and incorporate it in your daily life.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m proud that we managed to build a production-ready UI that really shows the functionality and user experience of the app. We also managed to come up with the machine learning model required to really give personalized recommendations. Although we didn’t manage to integrate the back-end completely, it was a great experience working with intelligent, committed teammates and fleshing out an idea we are all passionate about.

What I learned

You can’t have everything :’) also it’s hard to find a niche when almost everything has been done. Doing “better” is more important than doing “new”.

What's next for Pledgeasy

Actually fully integrating the backend and frontend, building a database. We would also need to polish our business model to ensure sustainability, and fine tune our machine learning model.

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