One opportunity our team identified is that we make resolutions all the time, to be more socially conscious/aware, but rarely follow through with them. It's not enough to say or think you'll do more, so we created an app that engages you with your friends and motivates you all together to make social pledges.

What it does

Make social pledges and invite your friends to participate in them with you. A penalty system motivates you to follow your pledge. You can view all your current and past pledges, to reflect on how you're doing. Discover events in your area based on the pledges you have participated in.

How I built it

We used Android Studio (Java) to implement this mobile app. We used Google Firebase for the database.

Challenges I ran into

All of us were a little familiar with Android Studio but were pretty rusty because we haven't used it in a while. The workflow at first was awkward, and it took us a lot of adjusting to get in the groove of it. Coming up with an idea we were passionate about also took some effort.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We stayed motivated and optimistic even when we got stuck and hit a wall. We all tried our best, and at the end, have coded a fairly functional mobile app that we are all proud of.

What I learned

We learned Android Studio, especially interactions using the Recycler View and populating entries based on a database. We also learned teamwork and communication skills.

What's next for Pledge

We hope to meet together and add more features to Pledge over the coming weekends. Hopefully, we are able to deploy a live app to the App Store eventually.

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