Lots of applications require you to visit their website or application for initial tasks such as signing up on a waitlist to be seen. What if these initial tasks could be performed at the convenience of the user on whatever platform they want to use (text, slack, facebook messenger, twitter, webapp)?

What it does

In a medical setting, allows patients to sign up using platforms such as SMS or Slack to be enrolled on the waitlist. The medical advisor can go through this list one by one and have a video conference with the patient. When the medical advisor is ready to chat, a notification is sent out to the respective platform the patient signed up on.

How I built it

I set up this whole app by running microservices on StdLib. There are multiple microservices responsible for different activities such as sms interaction, database interaction, and slack interaction. The two frontend Vue websites also run as microservices on StdLib. The endpoints on the database microservice connect to a MongoDB instance running on mLab. The endpoints on the sms microservice connect to the MessageBird microservice. The video chat was implemented using TokBox. Each microservice was developed one by one and then also connected one by one like building blocks.

Challenges I ran into

Initially, getting the microservices to connect to each other, and then debugging microservices remotely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Connecting multiple endpoints to create a complex system more easily using microservice architecture.

What's next for Please Health Me

Developing more features such as position in the queue and integrating with more communication channels such as Facebook Messenger. This idea can also be expanded into different scenarios, such as business partners signing up for advice from a busy advisor, or fans being able to sign up and be able to connect with a social media influencer based on their message.

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