When I came to USA 6 months ago, One day my phone beeped and I saw a missing person alert, Though it was really impressive but it was lacking the most important part — Image of the missing person ! Back home in India , everyday I see my friend positing or sharing missing people information , which is hardly of any use ! Since a person has a very limited ability to keep those images in mind , and when they actually see the missing person, they have no idea that they have seen them earlier in any facebook posts !! Developing countries don’t have public database available for missing persons. This Application tries to solve the problem by having its own facebook page and an automated chat box. Where you can add a new missing person information and

What it does

How we built it

We have used facebook's chabot api to collect information, we have added two functions, one for reporting missing people and another for finding people already in the database. Here we store the images, information in a MongoDB database. We use facial recognition to help understand features at a deep level.

Challenges we ran into

Debugging facebook chatbot api, figuring out a model to perform facial recognition

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working chatbot that can find and report people using image search.

What we learned

we learned how to create a automated chatbot, learned mongodb, understood that facial recognition can work very well using only few images.

What's next for Please Find Me!

Expanding the database of missing people by connecting to gov institutions, stream the data from other data source, extend it for missing pets.

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