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We got inspired from lots of bike stealing events and unsafety of bikes on the road.

What it does

If it's gonna be finnished completely it will Provide information of the environment, it will have Turn-signals, airbrake, speedometer and

How I built it

On the spot using Arduinos and Network cables, attaching the existing hall effect sensor to the Arduino, securing servo motors with zip-ties to the rear of the bike for the airbrake/turn-light Combo.

Challenges we ran into

Processing all the information and connecting two separate systems(steal-protection and safety)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The AirBrake/Tail-light Combo

What I learned

To zip-tie everything possible! even zip-ties together.

What's next for Please don't steal me

To integrate it in a smaller environment and sell it as a kit.

Built With

Arduino HTML CSS JavaScript PHP MySQL

Built With

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