Purdue Plaza is an android application designed to connect students with events being hosted on campus. Unlike other event organizers, these events would be public and available to join by any Purdue student. Each event would be visible to anyone using the app.

Finding Events

Those who are interested in finding an event occurring on campus could browse through the home page of the app or search the listings for an event of their interest.

Creating Events

Anyone would be capable of creating events. Each event would be provided with a title to briefly describe the event as well as a detailed description of the event. This information could be used to explain the purpose of the event as well as provide additional links for more information. Additionally, the creator of the event would list a date and time for which their event would occurr. In future versions, the events could include photos, comments / feedback, and contact information as well.


The users of Purdue Plaza could be casually separated into hosts and attendees. While there would be no restriction on hosting AND attending events, the typical user would be more likely to use the app for either finding events or creating them.

The app would be to used to gain interest in:

-Study groups

-Concerts / Shows

-Club Callouts / Club Events

-Recreational Sports Teams

-Common Interests


-Volunteer Work


In the future, we would like to see a sorting system that would allow for events to be listed by:

-Newest Created Events

-Soonest Upcoming Events

-Most Interest / Most Attending

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