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As an international student, I have seen my parents struggle with teaching me English learning new and proper words to use with sentences, and being in a generation where phones are a necessity didn’t really help either I used to get distracted but that’s where playwork comes along. It's a word game with different levels of difficulty for you to choose and u learn new words as you go its not just kid-friendly but can also be used for our parents as well

What it does

Playwork helps you to enjoy and learn new words as you go. It starts off with 3 modes easy, intermediate, and hard. The easy one helps you to get familiar with words that you may use every day. The intermediate level helps you to get a better grasp of words that you may use from time to time and the advanced level is for you to test out your skills using these mad killer words to impress the people around you and in your work life.

How we built it

Playwork is made upon HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and with a spoonful of Javascript. The version control was done via GitHub. We have a demo of how easy it is to use. In the beginning, you get your start page after you are ready it prompts you to choose between the 3 modes. You know what let's just show you

Challenges we ran into

We were facing challenges on the sizing of the boxes, as the number of difficulty increases the number of boxes increases. So far, that's the only challenge we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The teamwork ❤️

What's next for PlayWork

We might add some themes to the game and add more word libraries to it. We will work on the CSS to make it more user-friendly. Moreover, we will add daily challenges so that the user can come to play the game daily.

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