Have you ever wanted to play a quick game of ping pong, or 5-on-5 soccer, but not been able to organize a group for it?

What it does

PlayUp is an app that connects people nearby who are looking to play the games they love. Whether its pickup soccer or a lifting buddy, PlayUp helps you stay active, meet new people, and find something fun to do fast.

How we built it

Used Ruby on Rails and Objective-C, with the help

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Building Functional iOS and Web Apps in < 18 hours
• Integration with Google Maps API
• Integration with Yahoo API
• iOS animations using Facebook Pop

What we learned

• More about Rails
• Semantic UI

What's next for PlayUp

• Ability to schedule regular, repeating PlayUps
• In-App Messaging
• Android App
• An even better UI
• A Public API

Built With

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