Punniest Domain : krackdhackviaslack.com

Inspiration - Being victims of not finding networking with people of similar interests as mine easily, we were inspired to provide people with a platform where you can find others with same interests as you, from your college, and gather up for having a good time doing what you love.

What it does - Gives you the simplest way possible to group up with people, whenever and wherever you want to do things which you actually love to spend time on.

How we built it - We used Xamarin studio to build the mobile app, Xamarin is a cross platform SDK, C# is used in Xamarin. For the database we used Parse REST API (Parse uses MongoDB)where we could access our resources(database) using URI endpoints over HTTP using CRUD operations.

Challenges we ran into - Given the duration of the competition we decided to use MongoLabs REST API for the database which we are quite comfortable with, but we run into a SSL error because we send the data to the API directly through our app and MongoLabs required us to have valid SSL certificate for each request over HTTPS, we tried to bypass the validation using some existing methods but we could not successfully connect to the server. So we had to switch to Parse which was completely new to us, here too we ran into some de-serialization issues but we overcame it and managed to finally connect our App to the Parse Web service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud about the whole idea of the App because finding people with similar interests is not very easy especially when you are new to the City. We also put in a lot of effort into the UI and it came out very fluid.

What we learned: We learned that a lot of things dont go according to the plan and we have to be patient to

What's next for PlayUC: Better UI, chats, groups and expansion.

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