During this pandemic outdoor activties have been reduced a lot. And due this children are forced to stay indoors and this can lead to them getting bored as they don't have any activity to do. This inspired us to create a website that focuses to entertain children and also help them gain knowledge. Plus there is no system requirement for these games as they run in the browser. So children can play without worrying about their systems. Moreover our interactive Hardware Device enables children to have fun while they do the Quizzes and learn from them🏎️

What it does

Software Part: Our website focuses on all-round development of children. When somebody visits our websites, they first have to go through a quiz that comprises 15 questions. There is no particular category for these questions. The quesstions are completely random. Anybody attempting the quiz will get a total of 3 minutes and 2 lifelines. Based on the performance in quiz different games will be unlocked. This encourages children to gain more knowledge to unlock their favourite games. Children can also contact us to include the games they like.⏲️

HardwarePart: Our Hardware Device enables children to have physical interaction with the Quiz Web App we have built.There are 4 Capacitive touch pads made up of aluminium foil which when pressed selects particular option so while playing quiz they can use this device to make it fun, interactive and easy.

How we built it

We comprehensively used JavaScript, React and ThreeJS to build our website with the games and Quiz WebApp. Whereas, for the hardware part, we used Arduino, Mpr121 and couple of aluminium foils to make it sense the capacitance and programmed it using Arduino IDE to select options with capacitance . 🎈

Challenges we ran into

We implemented ThreeJS completely from scratch without any prior knowledge or familiarity of the library. Also the game lock and unlock feature is a little bit goofed up.🎉

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to properly implement ThreeJS and design a beautiful looking UI for the website with full functionality Quiz that can be played with Physical Hardware Device and also couple of interactive fun games integrated so that Children will have fun learning and playing both.🤖

What we learned

We learnt a lot of new animation techniques with React. We learnt the use ThreeJS and little bit of game development with JavaScript as well.We also learnt to Integrate our React based Quiz App with the Hardware Device.Most importantly we learnt teamwork.👍🏻

What's next for PlayRoom- Quiz and Games

There's a lot more thing we are planning to have in our site as well as hardware Device .The first thing we want to properly implement is the game lock and unock feature on the basis of quiz score. Further we are thinking of implementing a sign ang login feature whic will enable us to show the leaderboard. This help children develop a feeling of competition. Also we will include multiplayer games where children will be matched against each other and will also be able to communicate with each other over a voice channel which can be played with physical device so there will be score based on timing user presses the key on our hardware device. We will also add a safety feature where the user has to verify his/her age to ensure matching with similar aged individual so that the game would be fair enough for them.🚨

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