"I just bought a NFT... now what?"

This platform was created to allow NFT holders and creators to add value to their tokens by using them in blockchain enabled games. Game developers can use this platform to fundraise or create unique experiences for their blockchain communities.

Currently NFTs are created and queries using the ENJIN SDK which is currently on the Ethereum and Polkadot parachain, Jumpnet. We are extending blockchain support for other NFTs as well. We are currently using Moralis API to extend support to other chains. ETH, Chainlink, UFO, Velas, BSC, MATIC, and AVAX for example.

By making NFTs available for followers of the streaming community, we are providing a quick and efficient onboarding for the community. our twitch extension will allow viewers to purchase branded NFTs directly from their favorite streamers without leaving the website. Also, enabling streamers to create their branded NFTs without prior knowledge of blockchain technology removes a big hurdle for better adoption.

Our service for Game Developers enables streamlined integration of game content with NFTs. This content could be unlockable characters, quests and events, modifiers, and more. NFT Creators and Gamers are able to then link their tokens to this content to enjoy during their next play experience. This platform is currently live in the mobile blockchain enabled game, Min-Mins. link

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