There is no better way to discover live music than to live it yourself. However, finding live events and planning your way between them completely distracts from the experience.

What it does

Playlyft scours live events in your area for you and generates an itinerary allowing you to navigate through the night and experience local talent.

As soon as Playlyft is opened, a customized schedule for the evening is generated that highlights the artists to see with travel times between the venues pre-planned for you.

How I built it

We built a hybrid mobile (android) app using Ionic with a serverless architecture built on Amazon Web Services in the backend.

Challenges I ran into

In a city like Austin there is a lot of data available to sift through. One of our challenges and our greatest value proposition is being able to sift through the data and create a night that completely satisfies the user's musical taste and preferences.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the work we have in crunching data for a big event like SXSW which has a lot of data available

What I learned

Learned about using AWS API gateway and AWS Lambda as well as using ionic framework and deeplinking with Lyft.

What's next for playlyft

Polish the UI and put it on playstore/appstore as well as improving the recommendation engine

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