Bill Metcalf was the visionary who imagined this project. He believed the world was ready for a website that could transfer playlists across various music services. Music is an important part of our culture. We hope that technology can be used to enhance this culture we hold so dear. The world is ready for this kind of technology. The world is ready for Playlist-Transferer.

Currently, it allows users to log into Spotify and remotely access their playlists.

We wanted this project o be as open-sourced as possible. Hence, we built the entire website with html and Javascript with as little add-ons as possible to enhance simplicity.

Unfortunately, Apple Music does not have an API which makes it near to impossible to create playlists remotely through a third-party service. This prevented us from being able to transfer the playlists we extracted from Spotify accounts to iTunes.

The website is successfully integrated with the Spotify API. Users can log in to Spotify remotely through our website and have access to their playlists with our functionality. This was the first actual website that either have us have created as well as our first time being exposed to Javascript. The entire project was made within a 36-hour Hackathon which includes all the tutorials we had to go through to learn how to make a website as well as work with API's.

We learned Javascript, html, and how to use an API.

Playlist transfer is now open source. Hopefully, Apple will release an API in the near future and the dreams of Alexander Goebel and Bill Metcalf can be achieved.

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