It took about 3 hours for me to manually create a music video playlist of my 200 favorite songs. That sucked... So I thought to myself, I can't be the only one with this problem. So my friend Shervin and I coded Playlist Buddy at a hackathon. I spent hundreds of hours working on it and had my friend Evan Strenk design a logo and do UI design and provide UX feedback. After months of work, Playlist Buddy was born. I plan on adding new features during the next few years and would like to add other platforms such as 8tracks, Grooveshark, etc.

How it works

Go to, click the login with Spotify button, enter your credentials, select the playlist you want to convert, and click convert to YouTube. If you aren't already logged into YouTube, you will have to enter your login credentials. Playlist Buddy will convert your playlist to YouTube, up to 200 songs, in under a minute. Our search ensures that only music videos are added, no audio tracks or lyrics videos. We plan on adding support for selecting what type of videos you would like in the future, such as concert, studio, or lyrics versions.

Challenges I ran into

Learning Angular, Git, Grunt, getting good at Bootstrap and CSS, learning Node.js and Express, learning about sessions, promises, Spotify API, YouTube API, and learning about design and UX, contacting those API to overcome difficulties, fixing countless user errors and try to make the app API codes secure. Making sure the user won't break the app by changing playlists mid conversion, etc. A lot of work!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a web app that hundreds of people have already used and enjoyed. Making it to the point in my life / career that I can do cool things like this.

What I learned

Creating an app that real people use is hard work. It takes hundreds of hours to ensure everything is working properly and to maintain the code and monitor that it is running properly. I learned not to take startups lightly, although this was small scale in comparison to most startups, I feel like I got a taste for what small tech companies go though.

What's next for Playlist Buddy - Convert Spotify playlists to YouTube

Add 8tracks support Add Grooveshark support Make different conversion options such as concerts, studio performances, and lyric videos.

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