As we all have experience with music and the joy it can bring, we decided to make an application aimed at helping people learn music in a gamified fashion. Learning music can often seem quite daunting, we wanted to make an application that would ease users into learning music and its concepts, but still be fun and rewarding to make the learning process more fun.

What it does

It helps people learn music by giving them a place to both learn the basics and practice in a fun way. There are multiple fun songs to play as well as a freestyle mode for playing anything you want. The app also has a tutorial section for people who want to learn different musical terms and even for those who want to learn how to read music in a very interactive way.

How we built it

We build Music With Melody using flutter, dart and google firebase. This combo helped us produce a great beta in a very short amount of time. It also gives us the versatility of having the application run on both android and ios devices.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into multiple challenges throughout development. A major one for us was tying the functionality of the piano keyboard to the melody animations. We had trouble setting up value listeners to the timing of the music to be played.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the animations, game functions, the combination of the 2, and the help that the application may provide others to learn an activity we all greatly enjoy.

What we learned

We learned about animations, async functions, multithreading, and working with audio in Flutter. We also learned about making games, and lots of other interesting flutter utilities.

What's next for Playing With Melody

We will continue to work on Music With Melody by cleaning up the code so it will be easier to work on in the future, making the gameplay smoother, adding more levels, and finally adding it to the app stores.

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