Providing content and context information when you enter a location and helps you provide smart real life content around you.

What it does

Whenever you enter a new location, APPNAME collects images of that place and creates a video so you can decide what you’d like to do and see It also provides you with nearby traffic updates and even average temperatures so you’ll know exactly what you can expect.

How I built it

We used the Alohar Framework to detect the context and the arrival of the user at a new location. User gets a notification on entering a new place .We detect the users location and get the images from different sources like Instagram,Google and convert it into a video. On opening the app user is presented by a collections of videos showing the happening places around to check out . It also detects the temperature and nearby traffic updates.

Challenges I ran into

The important part was to detect users location and asynchronously download the images from different source convert it into a video with a transition and users non-blocking state. In paralled it also detects temperature , traffic around your location seamlessly.Integrating with Alohar was easy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Context-aware is a really interesting area and wanted to build apps in this space and really product to have gotten first version of APPNAME with several integration's with Google Panoramio , Instagram, Google maps, OpenWeatherMap

What I learned

Very much thrilled to have worked on Alohar context-aware SDL Worked on all the integration's Google Panoramio , Instagram, Google maps, OpenWeatherMap

What's next for PLAYHERE

Want to add intelligence and machine learning with better context and content awareness based on user's location.

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