Social distancing shouldn't have to mean social isolation. That is why innovative solutions are necessary to help people interact and have fun together. There are tons of amazing card games that people love to play with their friends and family. Unfortunately playing these games and keeping a distance can be challenging, not to mention that cards changing hands form a great vector of spread for viruses like the Corona virus. That's why we want to provide an intuitive collaborative virtual table to play all cards games on. Play the cards games you love with your friends and family without any risk!

What it does

PlayCardsWith.Me is an online platform to play card games with your friends and family. It provideds a virtual table where everyone can move, turn and take cards. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use UI, making it accessible to everyone. It allows you to play any card game, with your own rules. PlayCardsWith.Me works best when you are able to talk with the people you're playing with. For example through a video calling platform like Skype or Zoom. This way you can also talk and socialize while playing your games!

To play, simply create a room on PlayCardsWith.Me. Share the link with the people you want to play with and play any game you like!

How we built it

PlayCardsWith.Me is built in pure React and Typescript on the front end and NodeJS and TypeScript on the backend. For the state sharing we use Colyseus.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge is creating a intuitive and easy-to-use UI for playing cards. Playing cards online should be just as easy and fun as on a physical table! PlayCardsWith.Me aims to be usable for young and old, because everyone deserves to play games together, no matter where they are.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In just a few days, we managed to set up a web application that is actually used by people to play card games online, helping prevent social isolation.

What's next for PlayCardsWith.Me

With the CodeVSCovid hackathon ending, PlayCardsWith.Me doesn't end. We will continue to improve the website and the usability over the next days, to make it into a mature product that everyone can use!

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