PLAYBuilder Global Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death globally and now layer on COVID. There is a need for a 21st century solution to ensure top quality activities, lesson plans and programs are accessible by all! Coaches, instructors, teachers and parents do not have access to the best programs in the World. This is especially needed in times of COVID - a tool is needed for access to programs with high standards. In Canada through research with 1300 clubs, we have learnt COVID is impacting 99% of them. One respondent said “There is a need for new competition formats and the gamification of sport into an online or virtual setting.”

Our project is to get the World’s best activities, lesson plans and programs directly into the hands of people around the globe. Reducing the barriers to high quality programs, all tagged to address the level of activity allowed due to COVID. (Imagine a teacher can search activities by stage of lockdown in their jurisdiction to find activities that are individual, pairs, small groups or large groups with contact - at the tip of their fingers!)

The proposal is to accelerate the existing innovation called ‘PLAYBuilder’ — an online platform for activities, lesson plans, which are sequenced in programs (content packs). This platform can be advanced; by gamification of skill development, by crowd sourced activities, by tagged activities based on COVID level of return to play, by adding programs for all abilities, and by addressing all environments. This platform is built to scale similar to platforms from other sectors:, Kickstarter, Skillshare. (Imagine an All-Blacks content pack or Special Olympics set of content packs available globally!)

PLAYBuilder Global provides scalable lesson plans to improve the quality of education (SDG#4) which will contribute to good health and well-being (SDG#3). The content will promote gender equality (SDG#5) and reduce inequalities with programs that are female based as well as inclusive of all participants regardless of disability (SDG#10). PLAYBuilder Global is based on partnerships (SDG#11) to design and deliver programming to build better cities and communities (SDG#17). (Imagine a repository of International Federation’s best practices available to whomever has internet access!)

PLAYBuilder is new but already 53 organizations are using it across seven nations, it is a cost effective way to scale knowledge. To move to PLAYBuilder Global, there is a need for partnerships, talented people and resources. Funds are always needed but as importantly partners to provide the best programming in the world, and provide the platform for local sport organizations around the world. (Imagine IOC TOP sponsors supporting IF programs to be accessible to coaches and teachers in 200 + countries. This is especially exciting to imagine programming for participants with a disability available for underfunded organizations in low GDP nations.)

PLAYBuilder Global is a 21st century solution to ensure top quality activities, lesson plans and programs can be scaled to all corners of the world with World’s best programs. Equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible to all! Link to video

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