As urban dog owners with no yards, we know it’s difficult to make sure your dog is staying active. We are Play9 and our aim is to improve dog health through the community-based gamification of dog activity. Our app motivates you to keep your dog healthy by using Whistle data to display an activity leaderboard where you can see which dogs in your area are completing their activity goals, and you can see how your dog stacks up. Perhaps you see some dogs that are falling a bit behind their goals. If you’re feeling competitive, you can challenge them to a Head-to-Head activity challenge. If you’re feeling a bit more collaborative, you can click a button to find a good dog park middle-ground where you can both bring your dogs to reach your activity goals together. If competing or collaborating with friends isn’t enough motivation, Partner Sponsors can also create challenges with prizes ranging from virtual badges to 10% off dog food. Speaking of dog food. All this extra exercise may mean your dog needs to eat more calories. We’ve got a Nutrition page that tells you exactly how many cups of dog food you should be feeding your pup based on the Wisdom Panel breed data, food brand, and your dog's recent activity levels. All dog parents want their dogs to be healthy and active, and Play9 makes it fun and easy. Let’s make fetch happen!


We live in a very urban area with two dogs. We want our dogs to be healthy, but without an easily accessible yard, it’s easy to fall behind on dog exercise.

What it does

Promotes dog health through the community-based gamification of dog activity. You can view local leaderboards, challenge dog friends, earn sponsored prizes, and track your dog’s nutrition.

How we built it

Our design is leaderboard-centric. We really wanted to emphasize the community aspect because we believe it is a powerful motivating force in pushing you to achieve goals and stay accountable.

Challenges we ran into

Because the Whistle API and Wisdom Panel API are not yet available, we had to generate our own data and incorporate it based on how we thought the API might work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In just two days we were able to create a functional iOS app that we believe has the potential to greatly improve dog health, especially in urban areas.

What we learned

We had no idea that Mars owned so many pet-related products!

What's next for Play9 - Raising the woof on your dog's overall health

We hope to win the Kinship award and eventually be able to incorporate the actual Whistle/WisdomPanel APIs, as well as add a few extra features that we didn’t have time to finish.

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