On the presentation they asked for crazyness, to be original and to have fun with it, so we figured out a way to have fun playing and watching it.

What it does

The keyboard iluminations generate a mode of game in which through the iluminated lights you will move your player, and the APP through the SDK we had an extra screen and input that we used to make the funny part of it, by tieying your mobilephone or tablet at your hands, you will have to use your head (literaly) to press the screen when the ice blocks reach you to destroy them.

How we built it

We had problems with sincronization of the project through the different computers and with the SDK, but we kept figuring ways to keep working. We made the graphics using Gimp, and the code through Unity platform. The "hardware" to tie the mobilephone on your hands has been provided by the sponsors as part of the swag <3

Challenges we ran into

Using new SDKs which had some problems, and problems on the sincronization of the unity oproject through github

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing it, and beeing able to play. Also the keyboard has very nice effects and it looks very nice overall. The iceblock smashing and breaking has also been nice to develop and ended up with great visual results.

What we learned

How to use Unity, stuff about Github integration and logitechSDK functionalities. Also the value of having a great time with friends and enjoying hacking ^^.

What's next for Play with Head

Better integration with the SDKs if the problems we run into are finaly fixed or someone figures out a solution, and for sure, lots of laughs and fun for all who wants to try and play it!

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