We made an Alexa skill that plays music based on the weather.


What it does

The user input is processed and the location/postal code of the device is retrieved, this is sent to Alexa to get the corresponding weather information.

The commands are sent to the standard library API where the weather is categorized by type and associated mood. The standard library commands output the mood value back to lambda with a song choice. This is then relayed back to Alexa which plays the appropriate song.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of teamwork

What I learned

We are new to programming with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) so we learned a lot about using the AWS platform.

What's next for Play The Mood

We would like to further customize it so that the way that the song selection can include more than the weather. Alexa is a personalized device so it will be able to infer a person's mood based on their schedule and life events. Machine learning can be implement to predict the appropriate song or music type to play.

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