They say practice makes perfect. So I grind on the past papers. Every day, every night. I am working. It is tiring, but all will be worth it when I get the results I desire. Worth it truly worth it? To isolate myself from society, from friends, from family...just for that darned piece of paper with an alphabet on it that is supposed to determine your future. Is it truly worth it?

Sometimes we work too hard and what we truly need is a break. A break from the gruelling mind fuck of our duties as a student, a worker, a parent and the list goes on...

There is no doubt that a lumberjack worked hard when he cut down an acre of trees in one go. He will be tired. Oh, he most definitely will be. But I would like to know how would he feel if I hired him to cut my acre of trees the following week. He would probably dread the arrival of that week.

So what if he took breaks. What if he rested in between to sharpen his axe, to catch his breath. Not only will the trees cut easier but he will feel so much more motivated. He wouldn't have to dread the thought that he will be spending hours upon hours exhausting himself for the same result.

This is why I made Play/Modoro. It is made for you to catch your breath.

What it does

For this prototype, it allows user to invite their friends to play with them via SMS and set a timer for the duration of break time.

How I built it

Play/Modoro was built using React-Native Expo.

Challenges we ran into

Listing all the problems I've run into will take ages. So I'll just share the one that held the project back from its goal the most.

Partly (mostly) because this is my first time making an application, I could not figure out how to implement Google Authentication. That was one of the crucial parts of the project as I wanted to allow users to register accounts so that notifications can be sent to the user's friends via Cloud Messaging instead of using SMS. Time was ticking, so I decided to save that for later.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing a simple working prototype of my application is an accomplishment that I am very proud of. There were multiple times where I contemplated dropping out of the challenge after running into a dead-end where even online resources weren't much help. Aside from that, I am glad that I managed to push notifications even though it's currently only on the user's device.

What I learned

So much. Almost everything I did in the project was new learning. So to say what I learned, I've learnt how to make an application using React Native Expo. To say the least, it was a breath of fresh air as it was something different from my game dev background.

What's next for Play/Modoro

I envision Play/Modoro to grow into something so much more than its current self. (Eg. allowing users to create a Play/Modoro account and add and invite their friends to play together, earning redeemable Play/Modoro points.)

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