As an avid gamer, I struggled to find fun and relaxing games to play with friends. This problem made me think, what if there was a tool that allowed gamers to meet new people and play game you all like to play? As a result, I decided to combat this challenge. And soon, game-Mate was born!

What it does

Game-Mate is designed to ask the gamer a series of 20 questions geared towards popular games commonly found online (i.e. World Of Warcraft, League of Legends etc.) by answering each question to the best of the users ability the system begins to build a profile of games you are interested in. Based on a predefined list of popular games and game genres the system then tries to match your "gamer profile" with that of others who share similar interests. Plus, the system will list the top 5 most popular games that best match your "gamer profile" with that of other player's who match your interests.

How we plan to built it

Using HTML, HTML5, PHP, Javascript and other web based database languages, I planned to create a simple 20 questions web form that tries to match your answers to a series of pre-selected paths that, when fully answered, presents the user with a list of possible game-mates and games each of you share interests in. This unique design allows gamer's to meet other gamer's and enjoy playing together. regardless of distance. Since Game-Mate's design is intended to be web based, it can be deployed anywhere one has a computer and internet access. Therefore, making it able to solve it's second real world issue (global outreach) Finally, by being able to incorporate social connections with real people, you can now place a name and face with that of the player and/or "avatar" as we gamer's like to call our computer characters. Not only, will you be able to choose who to play with based on the list of suggested players, but you can also share your social contact information (if you want to) so you can hangout with each other next time you and the other person are online.

Mission Goals and Objectives

  1. To introduce potential candidates into the world of gaming by developing an easy to to use interface.
  2. Create a unique environment where people of similar interests can be matched to each other and enjoy playing games in a collaborative, safe and enjoyable atmosphere.
  3. Build community from these newly established relationships.
  4. Sustain and enrich the community which is non threatening, non-biased and diverse.
  5. Establish a global network of enthusiastic gamers that can relax and communicate without regard to their everyday toils and struggles.
  6. Encourage gamers to refrain from excessive gaming and pursue a balanced and active lifestyle.

Challenges we ran into

Website through failed to linkup to the DNS server and CNAME exchange server for Google site and the domain we choose on

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite the time crunch, we made massive progress. Completed the Logo design. Taught team members about google sites and showed them how to use its features to build the website to house our creation.

The Plan and Implementation

We decided to use Google's free web site builder to design and house the content to include the web form/questionnaire.

What we learned

Allowing Accounts to be tracked on google through a google form is not supported due to google's privacy policies.

What's next for Game-Mate - The Automated Game Guru!

  • Add a online presence system to detect players who are online.
  • Build a Database that matches actual player (not dummy data) to that of other users.
  • Much more ideas to come!
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