We have observed a major shift from physical games to video games in the past few years and especially in Covid. Studies show that an average teenager spends around two hours every day playing video games. This has led to a decline in physical activity and thus results in problems like obesity.

What it does

Therefore, we came up with the idea of Active-Halloween, which is a fitness platform dedicated towards teenagers and young adults. Our aim is to revolutionize gaming by making video games active, involving physical exercises.

A simple game could become a workout if instead of buttons it responds to a group of custom physically intensive commands set by the user, thus turning it into a workout.

How we built it

So our team tried to implement this gamification of fitness using OpenCV and MediaPipe for Pose detection, and PyAutoGUI for controlling the games, using the Python programming language. The software we built can be used to play different kinds of action as well as arcade games, i.e. the software is game independent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project is is revolutionizing as- Makes physical exercise Super Fun using video games. No extra expensive equipment needed. Just you and your laptop is enough. You can make any of your favorite games Active! No restriction on games. Can be played indoors in a very small area.

Challenges we ran into

First of all defining all the gestures of the user and detecting them with maximum precision was a difficult task. The response time of the player corresponding to the user was a tricky task, tho, we were finally able to reduce it and make the experience a seamless one. Binding the keys with the mediapipe model was a challenge too. As we have to keep the processing time minimum for a smooth user experience with no delay.

What's next for Active-Halloween

To make it compatible with as many games as possible.

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