Inspiration :

Play Art is inspired by the fact that people need to start drawing images (we need more artist ), people need to create are, share it with friends and family and mint it as an NFT

What it does :

Play Art is a decentralized ART and NFT creation platform, for creating artistic NFT.

it is basically a platform where artists (or anybody) can draw on a canvas and mint it or share their drawing with people as a form of art, Playart also offers unique props which the NFTS have called live drawing, the ability play the NFT creation process like a gif, it is cool and relaxing

How we built it :

PlayArt was built with, Moralis and Polygon

The images and props datas (data that constitutes of all nft uniqueness) were storage on ipfs using and were minted on the polygon blockchain as an NFT.

Moralis handles the drawing time, it stores the drawing temporarily until it is minted, so user can refresh the page, open or close it and they should still be able to continue their work creating the ART from were they left off.

Challenges we ran into :

Creating a 3d canvas (building off one) wasnt very easy and we has some hookups but we google and got passed it

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

The intended functionality scope for this hackathon was achieved

  • users can share their art
  • users can mint the art
  • users can restriction who to mint or who to edit their art (incase you want to give a friend a drawing to finish)
  • users can view their minted art and their art draft
  • users can search other people addresses to view the art they have created and minted and their draft
  • Moralis handles temporarily storing the drawing smoothly (to some point)

What we learned :

  • Using canvas in react
  • dynamic routing
  • storing large chunks of data on ipfs with

What's next for Play Art :

The next thing for PlayArt will be to integrate more features:

  • like button for liking people art
  • tip button for tipping creators of the art
  • fixing up the canvas and also changing and optimising some of the functionality
  • testing and auditing the smart contract in preparation for mainnet launch on polygon

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