We are building a next generation marketplace where anyone can sell their home cooking.

Our belief is that by equipping local chefs with the best tools to sell their food and providing complete transparency, we can empower anyone to become a chef. Platter is the future of food — a place where anyone can safely buy authentic food from sellers looking to spread their cooking.

What it does

Our platform provides the benefits of a viral marketplace with the predicability of a subscription service. Unlike our competitors at UberEats and DoorDash, we don't take a percentage of any purchase; instead, we offer our services at a flat subscription rate per month. Furthermore, our platform is targeted towards local restaurants as well as personal chefs, allowing one to join the platform without owning a formal restaurant.

How we built it

React Native/Typescript front-end with Expo, Typescript/Node/Express back-end, MongoDB for database

Challenges we ran into

Getting the back-end and front-end to work with each other proved to be a challenge, and we were constantly running into issues. The use of TypeScript and React Native also proved to be a slight challenge, with strange and hard to solve bugs.

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