Plats Network is inspired by the desire of blending traditional and modern business models. Plats is a place to connect not only crypto but also non-crypto stakeholders (Clients, Users, Influencers). We are also yearning for solving problems inside the Blockchain industry:

  • For Crypto Industry, there are difficulties in exposing public users and mainstream influencers.
  • For traditional Business Model, issues relating to ads fraud, intransparency in data, and technology barrier still exist.
  • For Influencers at the middle side, late payments and lack of knowledge of blockchain industry pose them challenges to join. Plats Network is building a Web3 Marketing platform which provides handy tools for Clients to accelerate their marketing campaign while Users also preserve their data thanks to Blockchain technology.


Currently, Plats Network develops 03 products for each objective:


  • Tasks: Check-in, social quest, Watch video, Install app, Learn and earn, Airdrop, etc.
  • Utilities: NFT Marketplace, in-app camera, QR-code Scan, Custodial Wallet, etc.


  • Support both traditional and crypto Clients
  • No-code campaign maker: Voucher generation, No-code task generation, NFT Generator
  • Management tools: statistics, charts, dashboard, etc.


  • Support both crypto KOLs and mainstream influencers
  • Tools: management dashboard, statistics, charts, “Publish” and “Generate referral link” functions, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At VBI Blockchain Hackathon organized by VBI & COIN98 (2021), Plats Network proudly won the first prize.

At the Minihackathon by NEAR (2022), Plats Network was nominated as the second prize champion. Most importantly, for the Octopus Accelerator program organized by Octopus Network Globally, Plats successfully becomes one of the Appchain candidates with a grant prize of $50.000.

What we learned

Plats Network team keeps upgrading and absorbing Blockchain knowledge to understand the market and all stakeholders’ desires. Plats team understands deeply the advantages and disadvantages of Web3 from which the team could innovate ideas to possibly create a effective platform to benefit participants. Plats Network now learns and develops specifically for the Web3 Marketing platform.

What's next for Plats Network

Plats’ plan is focusing on developing the core products (mobile app, client web service, and influencer web service) before proceeding with next steps of NFT projects and metaverse ideas.

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