The Platonic Solids Experience

Discover the properties of platonic solids (convex polyhedra with congruent faces of polygons with the same number of faces meeting at each vertex) in a magical and intuitive 3D spatial way using augment reality!

First, make sure you have the magic graph paper from the PolyhedrAR website at in front of you on a screen or printed. Then point your phone or tablet (running this app) at it!

Select your Platonic Solid to see its properties.

Touch to count faces, edges and vertices.

Operate Kepler’s Mysterium Cosmographicum to see which polyhedron fits inside which, and how the distances of the planets are related.

Coming soon - Derivations and Symmetry groups and more cute tricks!

Note: you need special paper to operate magic! Please print the magical 3D augmented reality graph paper at:

made by @yosun - the girl who built GREPhysics.NET

Made by a physicist, the app includes all features in existing 3D apps teaching polyhedra, as well as a clearly-presented “magical” element inspired by classical mathematics instruction: understand the Platonic solids spatially to fit them together to deduce various planetary radii from the sun.

The app is designed for use both at home and in the classroom, fitting for both self-study and any curriculum covering polyhedra. The app is accessible for all ages - from simple counting vertices, edges and unfolding faces to advance concepts for higher education, such as vector calculus derivations of formulae and symmetry groups. Extra fun comes with the nostalgic elements of magic realism on hybrid-reality graph paper, facilitating spatially-connected 3D geometry that “comes alive” interactively.

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