• Had no idea what to code, or what to code it in. I decided I wanted to reach out of my familiar world of Java and learn another language(s) to create something new. ## What it does
  • Simple but working browser game that has a moving screen where the user traverses through obstacles. ## How I built it
  • I followed instructions from the Hack Club website and made a few tweaks myself. ## Challenges I ran into
  • It took me a while to understand the unfamiliar syntax of JS and HTML, and how it all works in the first place. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  • I'm proud that I even got it to work. A lot of people were having trouble with some of the hack club projects and I'm proud that I got to get it to work, and also understand it enough to where I was able to tweak it. ## What I learned
  • I learned how to program JS and how it works with HTML and CSS. Before I thought they were independent languages, but now I know that they all have different purposes and can be used together! ## What's next for Platformer
  • Making an option to choose difficulties!

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