This is a public place for all sample projects related to the GitHub Platform.


The directories are organized to correlate with guides found on But here it is, broken down:

  • api: here's a bunch of sample code relating to the API. Subdirectories in this category are broken up by language. Do you have a language sample you'd like added? Make a pull request and we'll consider it.
  • graphql: here's a bunch of sample GraphQL queries that can be run against our GitHub GraphQL API.
  • hooks: wanna find out how to write a consumer for our web hooks? The examples in this subdirectory show you how. We are open for more contributions via pull requests.
  • pre-receive-hooks: this one contains pre-receive-hooks that can block commits on GitHub Enterprise that do not fit your requirements. Do you have more great examples? Create a pull request and we will check it out.
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