License Plate Readers have helped capture criminals, made business profitable and so much more. But these devices are too expensive to buy off the shelf. I got inspired to create this affordable LPR because I couldn't find one that I could afford.

How it works

Plater is a simple way to capture license plates. Plater is installed in a secured area. The vehicle approached the secured area, and starts the cycle by stepping over a magnetic loop detector. Plater takes a picture of the license plate, saves the image and makes a prediction on the license plate number.

Challenges I ran into

Hardest challenge I ran into was that the camera kept taking inverted pictures. I finally figured out how to flip it around and voila

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that I've never worked on the tessel platform before and that I could create a useful application for it in a single day was really great. I don't always pat myself in the back, but when I do something this awesome I just have to.

What I learned

I learned that Optical Character Recognition that's precise all the time is very hard to do.

What's next for plater

Plater is a product that I believe should be available to everyone. The next step for plater is to create a 3d printed casing and do a kickstarter.

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